WE Solicitors secure compensation award of £300,000.00

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Mrs H was on her way to a business meeting in London, as she alighted the train at her destination, she stepped onto the platform, onto what was later found to be black ice. Her left ankle bent in a right angle and she fell backwards. She was later diagnosed with a Webber B fracture to her ankle and has since undergone a series of operations to rectify the problem, which is still impacting upon her life today.

Mrs H contacted WE Solicitors to bring a case against the Railway Company for failing to clear the ice, which caused her injury. After a long and complicated legal battle, Mr David Wingate of WE Solicitors recovered damages for Mrs H of £300,000.00. Both Mrs H and WE Solicitors are delighted with the result. Mrs H had to say about her experience with WE Solicitors….”

‘I had a very long and complicated legal case. At times it was extremely stressful and emotional. David was always there to support me through the various legal twists and turns. He always replied to my e-mails and phone calls. He always provided great advice, listened to me and explained the legal process in detail. He had access to some of the very best medical legal experts and to excellent barristers who all contributed to my case. In the end, David made sure that I got the result that I was due. It has helped me to radically change my life.

David’s perseverance, professionalism, contacts and knowledge means that I can now reclaim my life and live a lifestyle that means I can cope with my pain and disability. ‘

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