Baggage Handler Wins Compensation

Posted on 09/13/12 in Recent Cases, No Comments

Mr S, wins settlement of £1400.00 through WE Solicitors after being injured at work.

Mr S was working as a Team leader for a baggage handling team in an airport. He sustained an injury to his shoulder as a result of unloading a heavy load from an aeroplane. This kind of item should have been labelled with a ‘heavy’ sticker, and Mr S should have received help from a colleague when lifting it.

His employers failed to provide him with assistance due to the shift being understaffed. They also did not provide him with the correct manual handling training. Consequently Mr S was left with pain in his shoulder for around 4 months before his symptoms resolved.

Mr S’s employers denied liability for his injuries, despite this, WE Solicitors were able to negotiate an out of court settlement of £1400.00 for Mr S, avoiding the need for court proceedings. Both Mr S and WE Solicitors are delighted with the outcome.

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