Workers fingers severed by rotating saw

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First Reported by the Health & Safety Executive:

The employee was placing lengths of wood through a machine to be cut into size. The machine used rotating circular saws to size the wood. The man’s hand was struck by one of the blades which was still rotating, he lost parts of all four fingers on his right hand. This greatly affects his day to day life and he now finds everyday tasks such as shaving and cooking very difficult.

The machine should have been fitted with a guard over the exit of the machine under the saw. The lack of guard meant workers were exposed to the saw as it was still rotating.

The employer was fined over £16,000.00 due its health and safety failings.

HSE Inspector Andrew Jewitt speaking after the hearing said:

“It’s a basic legal requirement that all industrial machinery is properly guarded to protect workers from dangerous moving parts.”A moment’s lapse of concentration led to one of West Port’s employees losing parts of all four fingers on his right hand, but it should never have been possible for him to reach inside the machine while the blade was still rotating.

“The company has since installed a tunnel guard over the machine’s exit. If this simple guard had been in place at the time of the incident then the worker’s injuries could have been avoided.”

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