Worker wins compensation of £4,500 for employer failing to provide protective equipment

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We Solicitors negotiates settlement of £4,500.00 for Ms J after she was injured at work.

Ms J was employed by a packing and gasket company. Part of her duties were to pack metal gaskets into boxes, which were then  delivered to customers. These gaskets were very sharp and were to be packed tightly together. Ms J was only given latex gloves to wear whilst completing this task, these made her job very difficult as they restricted her hand movements, and therefore were not suitable to both protect her, and allow her to do her job.

We Solicitors made allegations against her employer under the Personal Protective Equipment regulations. They argued that there was a foreseeable risk of injury to Ms J, for which she was not provided with appropriate protection from the risk of being cut by the gaskets.

Ms J’s employer denied that they were at fault for her injuries. They argued that protective gloves were not necessary as they did not believe Ms J was exposed to a risk of injury.

We Solicitors used a decision in a recent court case to argue otherwise. In the case a judge that even a very small risk of injury created a duty for employers to provide protective equipment.

We Solicitors established that the risk of injury to Ms J was more than small, using the employers own risk assessment.

We Solicitors negotiated a settlement of £4,500.00 for Ms J, despite only expecting to recover £3,700.00 for her. Both We Solicitors and Ms J are delighted with the result.

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