Worker wins compensation after injuring himself at Manchester Store

Posted on 01/16/13 in News, No Comments

Mr C was involved in an accident at work on the 5th June 2011. He came to WE Solicitors shortly after his accident to help him recover compensation for his injuries.

Mr C was involved in the refurbishment of a large department store in Manchester. The store had been partly demolished and a machine had been used to break up some concrete. The concrete had been strengthened using steel rods, which remained in the rubble which Mr C was helping to put into a skip.

As he was throwing the bits of rubble into the skip, one of the protruding steel rods cut Mr C’s forearm, leaving him with a 5 inch laceration, which has since left him scarred.

Despite his employers denying that they were liable to pay him compensation, WE Solicitors were able to negotiate a settlement of £2,000 on his behalf.

Both Mr C and WE Solicitors are very pleased with the outcome.

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