Worker receives compensation for falling over obstructions on the floor

Posted on 09/26/14 in News, No Comments

Mr M wins settlement of £11,706.40 through WE Solicitors.

Mr M was involved in an accident on 17th February 2012.

Whilst working for his employer, Mr M was carrying two buckets of plaster through a workshop when he tripped over wooden planks that had been left on the floor. The bucket of plaster which Mr M was carrying fell on his foot, causing him to sustain an injury.

By allowing obstructions to lie on the floor of the warehouse, Mr M’s employers failed to ensure a safe working environment for Mr M, thus failing to take adequate care for his health and safety whilst at work.

WE Solicitors brought a claim against Mr M’s employers and as a result they admitted liability to compensate him, avoiding the need for court proceedings. Both Mr M and WE Solicitors are very pleased with the outcome.

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