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Compass Engineering and Kaltenbach were fined after a worker was dragged into machinery causing him to break his back in two places whilst working at Compass Engineering in Barnsley.

Compass Engineering was found to be at fault for failing to put a guard around the machine which processed steel beams whilst Kaltenbach was at fault for signing off a piece of machinery without ensuring basic health and safety requirements were adhered to.

Sheffield Crown Court fined the company £45,000 for a health and safety breach.

A fine of £30,000 was imposed on Kaltenbach, the company responsible for supplying and commissioning the machine.

Compass Engineering was ordered to pay £24,000 costs, and Kaltenbach was ordered to pay £16,000 in costs.

Both companies admitted to breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 at an earlier hearing at Barnsley Magistrates’ Court.

The crown court heard there was “inadequate guarding” around the machine.

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