Roofing Workers left exposed to fall risk

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First Reported by the Health and Safety Executive on 30th January 2013:

The Work at Height Regulations state that every employer must ensure that any

work carried out at height by its employees is properly planned, appropriately

supervised and carried out in a way which is reasonably and practicably safe.

Therefore when two employees of a Willenhall construction company were spotted

working at height with no protective measures by a concerned member of the public,

it was only a matter of time before a Health & Safety Executive investigation began.

When the HSE visited the premises it discovered that the workers had not

undertaken any relevant roofwork training. The men were welding steel uprights to

the apex roof of a large furniture store in Cannock. There were no protective

measures in place, such as fall prevention systems like scaffolding, no risk

assessment had been carried out and the work was poorly planned.

Fortunately know one fell from height due to the lack of safety measures in place,

however it was found that the Health & Safety failings had created an unnecessary

danger to the two men and the rest of the workforce working below them.

The firm pleaded guilty to breaching the Work at Height Regulations and was

subsequently fined over £8000.00 in total. A HSE Inspector speaking after the

hearing said:

“Falls from height are a significant cause of fatalities and serious injuries. The risks

involved with work at height are entirely foreseeable, and it is essential that proper

planning, assessment and training is undertaken to reduce these risks.

“Those who neglect to do this, like Fastrac Profiles Limited, and who don’t provide a

safe system of work put workers at serious risk. They are clearly failing to comply

with the required standard.

“I would like to thank the member of the public who brought this to our attention

because the situation had the potential to lead to serious or fatal injuries for both


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