Nottingham man loses 4 fingers

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First reported by the Health & Safety Executive on 7th November 2012

 A 53 year old worker from Nottingham has lost four finger ends after his employer failed to abide by Health & Safety Law.

The man worked for a Nottingham based company in the brewing and food industry. He was feeding powdered ingredients into an industrial mixer when his fingers were severed by the spinning blades. He lost the tips of his index finger and little fingers above the first knuckle, and the ends of his middle and ring fingers just below the first knuckle on his right hand. The accident occurred on the 9th March 2011.

As a result the man was off work for several months and now struggles with simple everyday tasks such as using his mobile phone, cutlery and fastening buttons. The Health and Safety Executive found that his employer had failed to abide by a set of Health and Safety Regulations named the ‘Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998’. These regulations impose a duty on employers to prevent their employees from gaining access to dangerous parts of machinery.

It was found that no guard had been placed on the industrial mixer to prevent access to its dangerous parts. If a guard had been fitted, it is likely this accident would not have occurred and the man would not have lost his fingers.

Jayne Towey, a Health and Safety Executive said:

“The risk was entirely foreseeable, but no-one at the company had the foresight to consider the mixer was inadequately guarded. This was despite the fact that clear industry guidance is readily available and the fact that a large number of workers are injured on poorly guarded machines every year.”

The company was fined £20,000.00 and ordered to pay £7,674 in costs after pleading guilty to the breach of the Regulations



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