Manual Handling : Know your Rights

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Manual Handling affects virtually all of us from time to time in our day to day working lives. Even office workers may be required to lift the odd box or stack of papers. Manual handling injuries can cause severe injuries to our backs which can leave us in permanent discomfort.

Therefore, it is important that your employer provides you with proper training so you know how to lift in such a way which means you can avoid injury.

Your Employer is responsible for ensuring that the Manual Handling Regulations 1992 are upheld. It is up to your employer to ensure you are given the correct guidance and training so you know how to lift safely in the workplace.

Under these regulations your employer has a duty to make sure all activities which pose a risk of injury to you are risk assessed, in order to reduce the risk to you to the lowest possible level. A risk assessment will identify whether mechanical equipment is necessary to aid the task, and identify how many employees support is needed to safely complete the lifting task.

Although as an employee it is your responsibility to follow the training you are given, a recent court case1 makes it very difficult for your employer to avoid blame if you become injured at work whilst lifting, and can prove that the task created a risk of injury to you.

It is up to your employer to prove that they took reasonable steps to reduce the risk of injury to you to the minimum level. Unless your employer can prove that your injury was a freak accident, which it could in no way have prevented, then they will be held liable for your injuries!

If your employer fails to provide you with sufficient training, or fails to minimise the risk of you being harmed to the absolute minimum, you can make a claim for compensation.

Know your rights, tell your colleagues, and don’t be afraid to make sure your employer is abiding by the law. You could prevent someone else being injured in the future, and receive compensation for your injuries! Remember, it’s your back on the line – not theirs!

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Mr M received £4,750.00
Mr S received £1,400.00

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