Have you sustained injury after falling from height at work?

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Have you sustained injury after falling from height at work?

You may have grounds to make a claim.

Construction firm fined £6500 after two construction workers fall from school roof.

Originally reported by the HSE on 20th July 2012.


Two construction workers, investigating a leak in the roof of a High School were fortunate to only sustain minor injuries when they fell from the school roof due to the collapse of a wooden handrail.

The first man involved sustained a twisted right knee, bruising to the ribs and left arm when he fell. His colleague, who tried to save him, suffered a fractured rib, and bruising to his arm and chest.

The principal contractors, Cruden Construction Ltd, were prosecuted by the Health & Safety Executive following the incident in September 2011.  The company pleaded guilty under the Work at Height Regulations 2005 because they had failed to ensure that the handrail was sufficiently strong for the work.

The company were fined £6500 and ordered to pay £2530 towards the prosecutions costs.

This case is an example of what can happen when companies do not abide by the Work at Height Regulations 2005. The Work at Height Regulations came into force in April 2005; they apply to all work carried out at height which creates a risk of a fall which may cause personal injury. The regulations place a duty on employers, those who are self employed, and anyone who exercises a degree of control over the work of another (for example the owner of a building who contracts others to work at height).

Under the regulations, those who owe a duty to employees must:

-          Ensure all work at height is properly planned and organised

-          Ensure those who work at height are competent to do so

-          Make sure they have assessed the risks of working at height, and have selected appropriate work equipment to be used

-          Ensure risks created by fragile surfaces are properly controlled

-          Ensure any equipment used to help working at height is properly inspected and maintained

When selecting equipment for work at height, those who owe the duty outlined above should:

-          Avoid the need for work at height where possible

-          Where work at height cannot be avoided, the duty holder should provide work equipment or other measures to prevent falls

-          Where the risk of a fall cannot be completely eliminated, work equipment and/or other means should be used to reduce the distances and consequences of a fall should one happen

If you have suffered an injury after a fall from height at work, we may be able to help you obtain compensation for your injuries. Leave a query on our website.

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