Council compensate bike rider for loose gravel in the road

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Mr H wins settlement of  £5,350.00 through WE Solicitors.

Mr H was involved in an accident which occurred on 9th October 2010.

Mr H was travelling home on his motorbike; he noticed a vehicle parked up on his side of the road, and another vehicle travelling towards him on the opposite side of the road. He therefore applied his brakes in order to slow down and allow the car travelling towards him to pass.

As Mr H did so the front end of his bike locked up due to some loose gravel on the road which had been left by the council. He lost control of his bike and fell off onto his left side; the bike hit is left leg as it slid from underneath him.

Mr H’s Harley Davidson motorbike was badly damaged and he suffered injury to his left leg, foot and ankle.

WE Solicitors brought a claim against the council on Mr H’s behalf, who denied responsibility for his accident.

Despite this, WE Solicitors were able to negotiate a settlement of £5,350.00  for Mr H, avoiding the need for court proceedings. Both Mr H and WE Solicitors are delighted with the result considering the council’s continued denial of responsibility throughout Mr H’s claim.


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