Burnley firm ignores warnings of Health and Safety Executive resulting in injury to worker

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Burnley firm ignores warnings of Health and Safety Executive resulting in injury to worker

First Reported on 22nd November 2012 by the Health and Safety Executive: http://www.hse.gov.uk/press/2012/rnn-nw-industrialanticorrosives.htm

A Burnley Plastics firm have pleaded guilty to a breach of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998, after a 43 year old worker narrowly avoided severing his fingers when his hand came too close for comfort with a rotating blade. The Regulations place a duty on employers to ensure measures are taken to prevent employees gaining access to dangerous parts of machinery. Despite this, the Health and Safety Executive have investigated several incidents at factories where guards have not been fitted to dangerous machinery, resulting in workers suffering permanent damage to their hands, sometimes even losing fingers.

The Burnley company left several machines in its factory without guards attached. This is despite the fact that during a risk assessment they conducted in 2007, they realised that they needed to fit guards to several of their machines, including the one that injured a 43 year old worker in this instance. The company failed to act on this and did not fit guards to protect their workers.

The Health and Safety Executive had previously served 3 prohibition notices on the company, which required guards to be fitted. The company was fined just under £9,000 for their actions.

The Health and Safety Executive Inspector David Myrtle said that:

“The employee was lucky not to have lost several fingers when his hand came into contact with the rotating cutting tool at the IAC Plastics factory.

“There was simply no point in the company carrying out a risk assessment four years earlier if it wasn’t going to act on the findings. The firm knew the machines needed to have guards fitted but did nothing about it.

“We investigate several incidents every year where workers lose fingers in machinery. It’s only by chance that the worker wasn’t more seriously injured in this case.”

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