Bed Company Worker Receives Compensation

Posted on 04/09/14 in News, No Comments

Mr F wins settlement of £1,500.00 through WE Solicitors.

Mr F was employed by a company, which provided specialised beds to the community. The beds were usually hospital beds which were electronically operated. The beds would be folded up to be stored before being re-built for customers.

On the day of his accident Mr F was asked to set up a bed for a customer. The bed had been folded incorrectly, making the parts difficult to separate.

Mr F suffered acute back pain as a result of having to use extra force to prize apart the bed frame. He was unable to continue working.

Mr F’s employers denied they were liable to compensate Mr F, despite this, WE Solicitors were able to negotiate a settlement of £1,500.00 for Mr F, avoiding the need for a court trial. Both Mr F and WE Solicitors are very pleased with the outcome.

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