Asbestos Consultant wins £4250.00 in compensation through WE Solicitors

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Mr F wins £4250.00 in compensation through WE Solicitors.

Mr F is an asbestos consultant. His employer was involved in the survey of properties for asbestos prior to their demolition.

Mr F was skilled in identifying asbestos, not the general safety of the property. His employer had failed to risk assess the safety of the property prior to Mr F entering the building.

Mr F entered a property to conduct an asbestos survey. When he reached the top of the stairs and placed his foot on what he believed to be the wooden floor on the first level, he fell through a hole in the floor.

It transpired that the floor at the top of the stairs was not in fact floor at all, but a hole covered with thin cardboard, immediately at the top of the stairs. As he fell he reached his arms out to save himself from falling but the hole was so large that he missed the edges of the hole and continued to fall. He hit the base of his spine on a wooden joist fixed under floor level. This slowed his fall and allowed for enough time for his colleague to grab his arm to prevent him from falling straight through to the ground floor level.

WE solicitors commenced a claim against Mr F’s employers who denied that they were responsible for Mr F’s accident.

Despite this, WE Solicitors were able to negotiate an out of court settlement of £4250.00 for Mr F. Both Mr Thomas Finn and WE Solicitors are very pleased with the outcome.

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