Accident at work sufferer, Ms Foster, wins settlement of £5,250.00 through WE Solicitors

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Ms Foster was involved in an accident at work on 3rd July 2012. Ms Foster was employed by a supermarket, when on the accident date, she was adjusting shelving heights on an aisle to allow space for new produce.

Ms Foster’s finger became trapped in the shelving whilst undertaking this task and she sustained a fracture to her finger and a deep laceration. The end of her finger was consequently severed and left barely attached to her finger. Ms Foster was also considerably affected by the accident, which limited her everyday life and prevented her from being able to carry out some of the tasks at work that she had completed previously.

Ms Foster came to WE Solicitors to help her recover compensation for her injuries.

Ms Foster’s employers admitted that they were liable to pay her compensation after WE Solicitors made allegations to them in regards to their various failings to prevent an injury to Ms Foster with the use of protective work equipment.

WE Solicitors negotiated compensation of £5,250.00 on Ms Foster’s behalf. Both Ms Foster and WE Solicitors are very pleased with the outcome.

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