Mrs F wins compensation after falling on ice caused by a burst pipe

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Mrs F wins £60,000.00 in compensation through WE Solicitors.

Mrs F slipped and fell on ice near a school in Birmingham. Mrs F was 75 years old at the time of her accident. She suffered a serious fracture to her right ankle, which remained painful despite surgery. Following the accident she walks with a walking stick and her mobility and independence are greatly reduced.

A burst water pipe was responsible for the spillage, which froze. The school reported the leak to the water authority on the day it occurred, and continued to chase them to repair the leak.

The leak was not repaired until 6 days later. During this time water continued to flow from the source of the leak onto the street, the weather was cold and so the water froze.

WE Solicitors commenced a claim against the water authority, who initially denied they were responsible for the burst pipe, despite ultimately carrying out the repairs.   WE Solicitors commenced court proceedings against the water authority, who consequently changed their mind and admitted responsibility for Mrs F’s accident.

WE Solicitors negotiated a settlement of £60,000.00 for Mrs F, avoiding the need to proceed to a court trial.

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